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Web design gained a big importance with the development of digital world and increase of the internet usage. To create a presence in digital world, a web site and user focused web design is required. You can divert your customers to your targets by creating a website that is showing you the best.

For presentation of your company and assuring credibility for a user, high quality web sites are needed for that. Options such as purchasing, contacting over phone or mail also creates changes on the design. After specifying the right target, it can easily be done with a design.

Corporate web design will present your company more effectively in the eyes of your customers. If you contact with us, we can determine the best corporate web site design model for you. As Wisechorus we carefully select colors, designs and models on the basis of your industry which will reflect you in a best way. We care about your ideas and we are on this journey with you.

Google announced in 2018 that they will start mobile-first indexing. More than 50% of the internet users prefers smart devices and making their searches over these devices. That is why having a mobile friendly web design or mobile web sites is very important.

Responsive design, and web design also have very importance in SEO practices. Website with a responsive design can reached over many types of devices without any problem. Shortly we can say that it is the ability to be accessed over many devices without any compatibility issues.

One of the other thing Google gives importance is loading speed of the site. Besides the design, web site is also needed to be loaded fast. According to researches, 90% of the users are leaving the site before entering it, if load speed exceeds 2,5 seconds. This result naturally causes a decrease in website visits and an increase in exits.

The other factor which Google pay attention is User Experience. Google wants users to surf around the site easily and fast. Websites with clear objectives and compatible with user experience allows users to spend more time on your website and this is perceived as a positive thing for Google.

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